Record Run Trailer

As described by Harmonix: From the makers of ROCK BAND and DANCE CENTRAL…This is RECORD RUN! Record Run is a free rhythm-runner that puts you in the middle of your music, chasing records and dodging obstacles to the beat in a crazy musical world. With gameplay levels created to play along with your music, this is a whole new way to run!

SuperVillain, one of our favorite indie studios with a fantastic name reached out to SuperGenius to create characters based on the authentic and quirky characters designed by Gianna “Gigi” Ruggier who we at SG have become fans of. Take one look at these character designs and you’ll understand why. Being specialists in games and art that hang outside the norm we were an obvious partner choice for SuperVillain. They know our soft spot for taking on the kinds of challenges that come with translating an artist’s work into functional, real time game characters, and this was a real challenge we could sink our teeth into.

Gigi’s characters were not designed the way normal in-game characters are designed. They have their own stylistic messiness with loose line-work and color that appears to be meant for the page and not for the screen. Our job was to replicate the illustrative look in real time 3D.  A challenge not for the faint of heart.

In other words, a perfect project for SuperGenius. So check out the work and play the game. It’s cool.

Gigi's Designs

Our Realtime Model Translations

Group Shot of all the Characters