WGT approached us last year to help them build their new mobile baseball title. We began with their archetype player, a set of wearables including facial hair, various hair styles, helmets, mitts, and two sets of jerseys for both home and away games.

Stylistically we decided to push the proportions a bit to give the players more character than an average baseball player. Us being SuperGenius, this was right up our alley so we were more than happy to oblige. The result is a baseball game featuring players casual gamers can relate to and have more fun with.

For animation we did a similar treatment and relied on Team Fortress as our inspiration. Because of this decision the character move with a lot more exaggeration than players in your average baseball game. This was a smart decision for a mobile title where players expect a bit more stylized gameplay than they would from a console game.

Overall we feel these were the right decisions for this game. The gameplay is built for casual players focused on the funnest parts of baseball, which is batting. The rest of the game takes care of all the intense strategy normally associated with  baseball games and instead allows the player to focus on the batting strategies.