Day of the Tentacle: Remastered

Every once in a while we jump on a crazy project that bucks tradition. Day of the Tentacle: Remastered bucked tradition by utilizing a traditional animation pipeline. Every single frame was redrawn by hand by a huge team of animators.

Most of us at SuperGenius remember Day of the Tentacle fondly. Some of us remember it reverentially. The latter group has spent the better part of twenty years using it as the prime example of greatness in the world of video games. So when Double Fine asked us to help them remaster the game you can imagine the reaction. There are few games that can send normally respectable and civilized people into a rampaging, joy-crazed frenzy. Funny enough, most of these reactions happen when Double Fine is involved.

Everything About this Project was Old School

There were no technological tricks employed in the making of this game. Unless you count Flash. Using vector graphics the SuperGenius Animation Team painstakingly redrew every single frame one at a time. At first we thought this was crazy. However, once the game began to take shape we realized it was the right move for this particular title. Double Fine understood the importance of DOT and the place it holds inĀ  pop culture history. They had a vision for how a proper remaster should work and they were dead on. The result is like a hazy childhood memory being placed in front of you in pristine condition.

DOTT was the product of three studios – Double Fine, Shiny Shoe, and SuperGenius. Double Fine is by far one of our favorite developers to work with so they were fantastic. Shiny Shoe actually handled a lot of the preproduction and asset organizing and we leaned on them a ton. They are an incredible team and we plan on working with them as often as we can.