Depth: Thresher Shark Walkthrough

Sharks Versus Divers

New Zealand Unreal Programming House, Digital Confectioners have partnered up with SuperGenius many times since our first game together, Forge. We have a sort of brotherly relationship with each other,.

We do lot of work with DC on random projects. Since they are strictly a programming studio they call on us for everything from small art and animation fixes to whole co-development projects. Depth, in particular is a game we have been helping with for a few years now along with Alex Quick, an indie developer who helped fund a large portion of the game. We helped DC and Quick ship the original game and have helped produce monthly patches and DLC ever since.

Depth is a great PvP game that has a rabid fan base. People love it. And when we say PvP we really mean SvD or Sharks Versus Divers. If that doesn’t grab you as totally awesome just from the description you may already be dead. Who wouldn’t want to play a game where you could be a Great White or Tiger Shark and hunt divers looking for treasure? No one that we can think of. Except for the aforementioned dead people. They might not care.

Since we e didn’t do all the art for Depth and we don’t want to take credit for work that isn’t ours, we are listing out the scope of our work here. We especially want to make it clear when we say Dev on our part, we’re referring to rigging and gameplay animation implementation. DC are Unreal pros who work for Epic and handle the legit programming and development.  Our Dev in this case is just to help make the art look and work better. That said, here is a list of things we have built for Depth:

  • All the sharks – from 2D concepts to final in-game rigged models and animation. When a shark blows up, that’s us too (Co, An, Ch, Fx, Dv)
  • The Russian Frog Diver and animations (Ch, Dv, An)
  • Not all, but most of the weapons animations (An)
  • The Ship Wreck Environment using many materials and textures provided by DC (En, Dv)
  • Steve – The Underwater Robot (En)
  • All User User Interface Art and Design (Co

Every month we release a new shark and every month they get bigger, deadlier, and more fictional. (We have a zombie hammerhead and a cyber great white, for instance)

Depth Samples