FOM is a throwback RPG Adventure for fans of classic RPGs. Developed by Norwegian studio Snow Castle Games, it began as a Kickstarter Campaign and when Snow Castle approached us they needed some extra love to bring the campaign up to speed. SuperGenius did some rigging work to the characters so we could provide animations that fit the style of the game better.We also provided some extra VFX and camera work for the battle scenes.

Their Kickstarter was successful but SG wasn’t the right fit budget-wise to help them complete the game. We recommended a small shop that was more appropriate for the budget they had in mind. As far as we know the game is still in development and we wish them the best of luck.

We like to think we handled Snow Castle the best way we know how. When a developer wants to work with us and our costs exceed their budget, our job is to find them a solution that best works for their situation and gives them a leg up during a development process than can often be ruthless. We care deeply about the developers we work with and want them to succeed whether or not SG is involved. In this case we found a developer that both fit their style and made it possible to complete the game of their dreams. They have a great team and we have complete confidence they will succeed in making the game they set out to make.