MarvelSuper Hero Squad Online in Action

MSHSO  Was Magic in a Browser

SuperGenius and Gazillion teamed up for five years producing the super-charming MMO for kids, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Online.

The MSHSO MMO (anybody like acronyms?) Team at SuperGenius worked with the inventive art direction carefully crafted by Amazing Society and the financial and publishing might of Gazillion, and together we built a living world that was so beautifully executed  it made the player feel like they were kids again, playing with Marvel toys.

So many innovations went into this game. The art direction relied on simple, iconic geometry, flat shaded materials subtly lit by Ambient Occlusion, and a tilt-shift DOF that was new to Unity at the time it was launched in 2011. Everything looks like miniatures in a toy set.

The Squaddies

We had one team called The Squaddies who did almost nothing but MSHSO work for years. Every month this team produced their own DLC packs from concept to implementation and every month they produced better work than the month before. The Squaddies were given almost complete creative freedom to decide how they would translate these classic characters into Super Hero Squad-style – from the way they looked to the way they moved. We could watch these characters for hours doing nothing but their power emotes, which were always so creative and funny. Our Friday meetings were all centered around the magic that was being produced by the Squaddies, and every Friday was a constant round of applause for what we all saw on the Big Screen.

In 2015, Gazillion shut down the MSHSO Team. It just didn’t make enough profit to continue investing in new material. It hurt to say goodbye to this amazing game, but we know how this industry works, and we had a good five-year run. So this page is a homage to all the great work that our teams did together.

It was a magical time, MSHSO.  You brought so much joy to both developers and players alike.

The Range of Work We Produced over 5 Years

200 Illustrated Cards: Illustrated Cards for an in-game card-based RPG and a printed real-life card game.

Over 2000 Assets: Concepts and 3D assets for thousands of individual, themed hero furniture.

11 Full Traversable Levels: Concepts and modeling hundreds of individually themed level sections for the designers to lay out the game how they chose

Hundreds of Characters: Concepts, models, rigs, animations, VFX, and implementation of hundreds of characters for monthly DLC releases

For more images, screenshots, videos, concepts, and renders of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online just check around the site in the Services section and in the Reels. We produced a lot of work in five years.