Massive Chalice Trailer

A Tactical RPG Spanning Generations Where Bloodlines Mean your Family’s Honor or Destruction

Double Fine and SuperGenius have been working together for quite a while and we couldn’t ask for a better relationship (not romantically, we think). When we saw the Kickstarter Campaign for Brad Muir’s (who is a great guy, by the way) game called Massive Chalice, may of us backed it. Because we love that darn studio. We had no idea that in a few short months we’d get a call from them asking for some help on it. So we said, “No Way!”

Just kidding. We said, “Hecks Yeah! Count us in!”

Like all DF games, Massive Chalice is rich with style, storyline, and has a completely engaging and fully-realized universe. They used low poly artwork as their basis for art direction and the result is a world and characters that look as if they were made from paper, polygons, and roughly manufactured plastic. It’s pretty (read: Very Super) cool. And was a blast to animate.

That said, our involvement with them on Massive Chalice was limited to gameplay animation, which just so happens to be one of our specialties. We put a lot of time bringing their super stylized, crazy cool characters to life in-game and enjoyed every second of it. As we mentioned before, they are one of the best developers we’ve ever worked with, and we look forward to many more, (some of which we will be announcing shortly). In the meantime, take a look at the big ole cup and enjoy what you see, courtesy of Double Fine and SuperGenius,

A Few Choice Screenshots and Concept Art from Massive Chalice