Environments Team

We’re your Bigger Environment Team

We’re the kind of team developers bring on when they wish their own team was bigger. When they don’t want to deal with a whole separate outsourcing process, like managing assets on an individual level, reviewing, reworking, or redoing them, preparing them for the engine – all the extra headaches that come with outsourcing – and just want more talented and skilled artists on their team they don’t feel like they need to micromanage. This is what we give developers. A larger team. Not assets.

We Sweat the Small Stuff

We’re a fully stocked development team which means we handle the kinds of things normally handled by Producers, Assistant Producers, Leads, and those who spend more time in Excel than they do Max.  We create and manage our own asset lists. We build schedules, juggle team members, take dependencies into consideration. We write documentation, like styleguides, tech manuals and such. And we do it all in a way that works within the current pipeline so nothing has to be reorganized to take our presence into account. We give developers extra time and resources. We don’t take them.

Environments Gallery

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