Our VFX Team Makes us Proud

If there is one thing game development studios know, it’s that good realtime VFX artists are really hard to find and recruit. Finding and hiring a professional realtime VFX artist with adequate experience is nearly impossible in the industry. We should know. We have had to hunt for qualified VFX artists in the past and it took years before we were successful. It’s been many years since then and our team of VFX artists are versatile and talented enough to take on whatever we have been able to throw at them. They have contributed to many SuperGenius titles and develop retail packages for Epic’s Unreal Marketplace when they are in-between projects.

VFX Artists are 2D Artists, 3D Artists, Animators, Technical Artists, and Game Designers

Someone who is competent in all these departments is tough to find. Not only does a VFX artist need to understand their tools and be experts in engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine 4, but they need to understand game design and the role VFX plays in it. Every attack, spell, take hit, and character movement requires VFX to enhance the action and reward the player with feeling of power or powerlessness. It is also necessary to understand timing the same way animators understand timing.

VFX Are Often More than Simple Blood and Explosions

I think we’ve made that clear already, but in some cases VFX artists need to build elaborate models and animate them as seen in nearly all classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, and Jade Empire. Spell VFX can sometimes be the most elaborate visual product in a game and it is the VFX artist’s job to pull that off. Much of this elaborate VFX work can be seen in many SuperGenius titles including Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, Earthock: Festival of Magic, and Superfight.

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