SuperGenius and Telltale have been working together since 2009 and we have helped them produce nearly every single title they have launched since then. We started with the Sam and Max series then moved onto Tales of Monkey Island. We have been joined at the hip bone ever since, helping them animate almost all of their games.

Our Animation Team and Telltale’s Animation Team have become one. We trust each other to deliver our best every time and we believe that it has been a major ingredient in the success of their games. They have impeccable taste in the licenses they choose to work with, their writing is world-class, and their signature point and click adventure game design is unparalleled.

Telltale are legends who make legendary games and we are honored to be such an integral part of their team. We expect to be making many great games together for many years to come.

The following games have been a partnership between SuperGenius and Telltale Games. If you haven’t played them yet, we highly recommend every single one. They will elevate the way you think of games as they have for the entire industry.

Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse

The Telltale Game’s re-imagining of Steve Purcell’s Sam and Max was our first date with the company. The SuperGenius Animation Team knocked it out of the park and solidified many, many years of game development alongside Telltale.

Tales of Monkey Island

Monkey Island was another beloved Lucas Arts title that introduced a whole generation of gamers to the magic of adventure games with hilarious dialogue and well-designed puzzles. Telltale’s update to the series did it justice and then some. Just try playing this series without laughing out loud. We dare you.

Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

Nelson Tethers was the brainchild of Graham Annabel. We did two seasons of Puzzle Agent. Everything we produced needed to look as if it were drawn and animated by Graham himself, which is no easy task. The story itself is haunting, beautiful, and hilarious.  Graham later went on to direct The Box Trolls and once landed a burning passenger plane with only his mind saving everyone on board. Graham is a Legend.

Poker Night at the Inventory

We did two Poker Nights with Telltale and the second one was even funnier than the first, despite that being nearly unimaginable. Featuring characters from various other games, Poker Night makes you feel as if you are playing poker with your best friends. Especially if your best friends are famous video game characters making hilarious quips about your mom.  As poker games alone, they stand up with the best of them. As Telltale Games experiences, they were among the funnest that we’ve worked on.

Jurassic Park: The Game

For the Jurassic Park series, the SuperGenius Animation Team got to live out their childhood fantasies of playing with dinosaurs. Who didn’t act out T-Rex and Triceratops battles as kids? We got to do it again as adults. The animation impressed and the gameplay style opened the door to The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead won over 60 Game of the Year awards for 2012 and opened up video games to a whole new audience. Because of this series, video games as a whole were finally recognized as a valid form of entertainment beyond shooting stuff.  It had genuine heart, great acting,  was beautifully stylized, and pulled more emotions out of gamers in one hour than many Oscar-winning films. Of all our studio’s accomplishments, our work on The Walking Dead is one of our proudest.

The Wolf Among Us: A TTG SERIES

The Wolf Among Us may not have gotten the same level of attention as The Walking Dead, but we assume that has more to do with license popularity than gameplay, because Wolf Among Us is a masterpiece in visual, interactive storytelling. Telltale was able to take the world Bill Willingham created and write a story in the Fables universe that rivaled anything from the books. And no one can deny the Art Direction by Dave Bogan was some of the best ever seen in a game. This is forever a SuperGenius favorite.

Game of Thrones: A TTG Series

Telltale’s Game of Throne’s is canon. We’re not sure if you’re aware of that. It centers on a couple of families up in Deepwood Motte, namely, the Forresters who harness the famed Ironwood Trees and craft the best shields in the kingdom. Again, the writers matched the original material expertly and verbally sparring with Tyrion himself is a thrill. It also contains one of the most dramatic, heroic scenes we have ever seen in a game. You’ll have to play it to find out, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands is a really cool story within the Borderlands universe that is also considered canon. The characters you all know and love from the original series are in it as well as some new ones. Just like the original FPS, it’s funny, dynamic, action-filled, and features some of the coolest fight scenes you’ll ever seen in an adventure game. The SuperGenius  Animation Team had a lot of fun with this one, especially the scenes where gravity shifts randomly. It was as difficult to animate as it was to play and the craftsmanship in the animation shines brightly.