The SG Marketplace is a new, experimental division of SuperGenius that generates and distributes Triple-A art and animation for the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. Last week we shipped our first product. A fully customizable, multi-asset, weather VFX pack.
The goal of SGM is to develop products that are easily customizable and can be implemented into Unreal 4 without hassle or complication. Every pack comes with detailed documentation and narrated video tutorials that walk the user through customization and implementation. The creators are also on hand for one-on-one email communication and support.

Snow copy

Lightning copy

For years SuperGenius has produced Triple-A art and animation for some of the best developers in the industry. This level of work comes at a price many indie developers can’t afford, which is a shame because we believe indies are producing some of the most creative and innovative games in the industry right now. The Marketplace gives us an opportunity to give them access to the same kind of high end art and animation that the larger studios enjoy, at a much lower cost. It’s an interesting experiment and time will tell whether or not it will move from an experiment to a sustainable model. We feel if the division can support itself without sacrificing any of the quality SuperGenius is known for, then it will be a success.

Fog copy

Today will mark the first week we’ve had product on the market. A Weather FX pack featuring snow, rain, fog, and lightning, with easy-to-use, fully customizable parameters. The response has been overwhelming and the results are far better than we expected. The team has been working with users round the clock answerin

It’s also worth noting that the staff at Epic’s UE4 Marketplace have been extremely helpful and the whole process has been great. We’re looking forward to working closely with them as we build this new division for their platform.

Snow2 copy

What’s next for SGM? The team is wrapping up a second pack for submission next week. This next pack promises more versatility, additional customization, and will allow developers to build complex content for multiple scenarios and game types. We’ll be announcing the contents of the pack shortly. In the meantime we hope developers are having as much fun with the weather pack as we had building it.

Happy Building!

-The SG Marketplace Team