You’ll never guess what it is. Wait for it…

It’s a brand new SuperGenius website! Look at it! feel at it! Bask in it its spectrum of many colors.  Let them freely wash over you. Surrender yourself to the narcotic pleasure of a well placed rainbow. Notice how gently it caresses the orange and brown hues of a super dope seventies-inspired logo. Contemplate the marriage of two English words which have little meaning without context yet when combined, transform into a symbol of great power. It is both sensual and cerebral. Playful and mysterious. SuperGenius.

Some of you may have noticed the lack of website updates and general social media slackery. For this, we apologize. Our fine institution has been growing and perfecting itself nonstop for many years in a row and we have not spent the necessary time and energy to properly brag about it. If any of you have looked at our site in the last year you would not see a shred of evidence that we have been working nonstop with the coolest folks in the industry on some of the most awesome games in the world. So we spent some time to put together a new site that allows us to brag on a regular basis and show off all the great work we do.

Please keep in mind bragging does not come naturally to a studio of professional artist and developer-types who just want to make games, so a new site does not mean daily updating. However, we promise to do our best. If anything, we aim to be good citizens of both the local and global game industry and showing off what we do is part of the deal. And besides, the work we produce is, humbly speaking, really damn awesome.

We have lot’s of samples on display from every department here at SG. We have a new VFX reel and are about to drop our new studio reel. We also have some insights on the studio and the team members who make SG the magical place it is. So keep an eye on us. We’ll try to show you something cool as often as possible.