SuperGenius makes video games look and play better. Our studio is made up of experienced teams specializing in the 5 primary disciplines of game art: Concepts, Animation, Characters, Environments, and VFX.

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Broken Age

Double Fine and SuperGenius teamed up to produce a modern classic adventure game. Fans of Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island rejoice! An age of peace descends on the land. We discover love is a vibration that allows us to traverse the whole of the universe with full awareness and death is simply a habit to be broken. Amen.


The Walking Dead Game Series

We’ve contributed lovingly-crafted animation to nearly every one of Telltale’s games since Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. They trust us with the really hard stuff, so it was no surprise when they brought us on to help with The Walking Dead. We put hundreds of hours into this series, and we knew it was going to be a hit. But we had no idea that it would shatter all expectations and win over 80 Game of The Year awards!


The Wolf Among Us Series

The Wolf Among Us is a 5-episode series from the creators of The Walking Dead. Based on Fables (DC Comics/Vertigo), an award-winning comic book series.



Forge is the product of three specialty studios: Dark Vale Games, Digital Confectioners and SuperGenius. It’s one of our finest examples of our ability to direct and produce the entire spectrum of game art.


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

We’ve been working on Super Hero Squad Online for so long that we feel a deep connection to it – as if it were our very own. It’s charming, bouncy, stretchy, wonky, incredibly fun.


Poker Night 2

SuperGenius and Tell Tale come together once again to make the best game in a genre and succeed.

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SuperGenius Needs More SuperGenii

March 26, 2014

There is no place in the world quite like SuperGenius. Portland is a creative hub where quality of life, food, nature, art, and music all come together to form what we consider to be the greatest city in the US. The SuperGenius headquarters sits just outside of Portland in Oregon City, the oldest incorporated city […]


How we turned an outsource studio into something different (and got to work with the best game developers in the world)

February 21, 2014

When we started SuperGenius our goal was to work with the best game developers in the world. In reality, we were a new studio no one had ever heard of with one client, and a small team of young, albeit talented animators with little experience. To top it off, outsourcing had become a dirty word […]


2013: The Year of the Adventure Game

January 29, 2014

SuperGenius takes over the adventure genre. And wins. SuperGenius was all over the place last year. We brought entire worlds to life in Forge, introduced dozens of new characters in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, designed and developed several amazing 2D games, and we still have several titles yet to be announced. We got to work with […]


Pixel Proposal

December 17, 2013

Robert Fink is one of our rock star artists here at SuperGenius. A while back he decided to propose to his then girlfriend, Angel in the most fitting way a game developer can. By making a game! Robert set the stage here and told Angel she needed to playtest a game at SuperGenius. This is […]


Broken Age VGX Premiere

December 11, 2013

For those of you who know us, or watch the Double Fine Adventure documentary, you know all about our work on Broken Age. We have been having a blast on this project and the only downside is the team needs to take regular breaks to avoid overdosing on charm and delight. We can’t wait to […]


Meet a SuperGenius: Justin Rice

May 11, 2013

It’s Saturday, springtime in Portland, and while most of us are standing in line for brunch, thumbing through vintage records, grooming our mustaches, and getting spring-themed tattoos, Justin Rice is knitting sweaters for strippers. Like most of us, when we hear the name Justin Rice, we think shit-hot video game animator. How could we not? […]

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Concepts: The Origin of Every Great Game Begins Here

The SuperGenius Concept Department covers everything from 2D, to character design and orthos, to environment art direction and asset design, to marketing, branding, and storyboards.


Animations: The Hardest Working, Most Award Winningest Animation Team in Games

With the SuperGenius Animation Department, game developers have their own dream team of skilled animators who bring with them the perfect marriage of feature film talent and AAA gameplay experience. Our mission is to give our clients the ability to make their creatures and characters more compelling, emotionally engaging, and viscerally satisfying without having to build and manage their own miniature animation studio.


Characters: The Face of Every Great Game

The SuperGenius Character Department is a full-spectrum character creation team specializing in sculpting, modeling, texturing, mapping, material creation, and rigging.


Environments: So Much More Than Just Assets

The SuperGenius Environment Department provides full-spectrum environment development including 2D map layout, level design and world-building, lighting and ambient VFX, optimization, and of course, assets.


VFX: The Perfect Blend of Artistry and Technology

The SuperGenius VFX Department handles the entire range of technical art, from realtime and prerendered VFX, to lighting, materials, and rendering, to atmospheric effects in Unreal, Unity, proprietary technology, and anything else our clients require.


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A New Generation of Game Art Studio

SuperGenius is a new generation of game art studio. A full-spectrum art and animation support studio for video game developers.

Our facilities house teams focused on the five disciplines of game visuals:  Concepts, Animation, Characters, Environments, and VFX.

By focusing on these five primary disciplines we are able to provide exactly what developers need to make their games more immersive, more entertaining, and more magical than ever before.


We Are an Alternative to Outsourcing

Not a fan of outsourcing? Neither are we. This is why we created SuperGenius.

SuperGenius is a new model of support. It is a studio built to handle the needs of real game developers who need more than simply the mass manufacturing of assets.

Our mission is to eliminate any unnecessary time our clients spend managing, revising, fixing, or redoing work. Instead, we handle the entire process, from concept to implementation and ensure everything we deliver is the highest quality and works in game. We do this so our clients can focus on the intense creative and technical process of making the best games possible.

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We like people. It’s a thing with us. We want to hear from you. If you are looking to join the SuperGenius team, please use the contact form. It will prompt you for all the information we need to consider you as a candidate. This form feeds all the right information into our system specially designed to find talented folks like yourself. It is the best way, trust us.

If you are interested in having SuperGenius on your next project you can reach us through the same form or call us directly at the number below. Same is true for press and all other inquiries.

SuperGenius Industries, LLC

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